Online resources for commercial van owners

Whether you're a solo tradesman with your own van or a fleet manager responsible for a number of vehicles and drivers, it pays to know where to look for the best advice and latest deals.

So it’s worth making use of the best information sources online – many of which are free. We've handpicked a few of the most useful resources to help you save money and drive safely. And to make sure you're keeping the tax man happy.


1. RoSPA

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is a leading source of road safety advice. They offer a wide range of driver training courses, and can even perform a risk assessment to help you make the best training decisions for your business.


2. Government guidance on company vans

Get to grips with your legal obligations with this handy advice on the use of company vans. You can find out what types of journeys are exempt, what to report to the HMRC and what level of National Insurance you'll need to pay.


3. FleetVan

An online hub for the latest news and reviews, as well as practical advice for a safer, greener and more efficient fleet. They even have tools to help you compare the running costs of specific makes and models of vans – so you can build the most cost-effective fleet for your business needs. This site reads especially well on mobiles – just make sure you're not reading it behind the wheel!


4. GPS Fleet Tracking Services: A Buyer's Guide

Any business owner whose core work involves being on the road knows that fuel prices and driver safety are prime concerns. And with a dedicated GPS tracking service, you might be able to make changes towards safer, more efficient journeys. This buyer's guide examines the pros and cons of tracking services, and a related article compares and reviews 15 prominent service providers.


5. A Guide to the Construction Industry Scheme

This short guide from TaxDonut explains the special rules for making tax and National Insurance contributions when you use subcontractors. It covers checking their employment status, verifying them with HMRC, and when and how much you should deduct from their payments.

This useful selection is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a huge amount of valuable, free advice on the internet to help both commercial van drivers and fleet managers stay on top of their costs – and on top of the law.

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