Guide to goods-in-transit insurance

Do you drive valuable tools and materials from one job to the next? Or do you run an e-commerce website and use a third-party delivery or warehousing company? Then it's highly likely that you’ll need goods-in-transit insurance. Our guide covers the basics: what it is, what it covers, and why you need it.


What is it?

Typically, goods-in-transit insurance aims to protect your business's goods as they're being transported or stored in the course of a journey. It's not just a case of protecting them as they head towards a customer. It can also help to protect them as they're on their way to you from your supplier – and it might even be useful when moving goods between two different sites of your own business.


Who needs it?

It’s not just couriers, furniture removal companies and those in the haulage industry who need to get the right goods-in-transit cover.

If you're in a profession that regularly transports goods over relatively small distances – such as a tradesman or a shop receiving deliveries – you might not have given it much consideration before. The trouble is that if goods are stolen or damaged because of an accident, you might lose your customers' confidence, your potential profits and possibly even repeat business.


What does it cover?

Usually, goods-in-transit insurance will cover your goods – or the goods of another that you're responsible for – against loss, theft or damage.

As with most types of insurance, there's usually an upper limit – our shop insurance, for example, provides up to £2,000 of cover for goods in your vehicles.

It's important to remember that your business isn't only affected by theft or accidents as they happen while goods are under your care. It's also affected by what happens to them as they make their way to you. Your suppliers might have their own insurance for transporting goods, but you may need to check that it is enough to properly protect you.

That's why it can be a good idea to take out goods-in-transit insurance for goods being moved.


Do I need it?

If your business involves transporting or storing goods as part of a journey, it's prudent to have at least some level of cover. Always check to see if goods-in-transit insurance is included as standard in any cover you're considering. That way you can feel confident that – if the worst does happen – your business is covered.

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