Cake making and baker insurance

Cake making insurance is vital for cake makers, bakers and decorators. It covers you against public liability claims that could put your business at risk.


Cake makers, decorators and bakers insurance

Public liability cover is widely considered an essential form of cover for all businesses. Cake makers, decorators and bakers are no exception. Those who do not obtain cake making insurance may be putting their business at risk if a costly claim made against them.

Public liability insurance for cake making

Our cake making insurance provides cover from public liability claims. Taking out this cover will not cover you from all claims – employee claims, for example, need to be insured separately. But it will help if a customer (or other third party) believes you've caused damages or injury to them and decides to sue.

Why cake makers, bakers and cake decorators need liability insurance

As a cake maker, decorator or baker you might assume you're at little or no risk of being sued by a customer or other member of the public. But the truth is that accidents can and do happen in all industries. Even if you are unfailingly careful about your work, remember that even baseless legal claims can result in heavy direct and indirect costs. For most small businesses in the majority of industries, Public Liability Insurance  is relatively inexpensive. Yet it could spell the difference between your cake-making business continuing to thrive and it finding itself in deep trouble.

Common types of food insurance claim

The most common, and potentially most expensive, food insurance claims revolve around:

  • bouts of food poisoning which are deemed to have been caused by a cake
  • allergic reactions to particular ingredients in a cake, especially if these had not been clearly stated
  • contamination of cakes or icing with sharp or dangerous items that cause injury to a member of the public

Other food insurance claims follow events that could happen in any line of work. Simple accidents, caused when carrying or placing a heavy wedding cake for example, could easily cause injury or damage. Make sure you're covered get a quote today.

Why insure with NatWest?

As a business bank, we work closely with a wide range of businesses. This helps us understand how you work and the challenges you face. So you can be sure we'll take the time to get to know your business, and try to provide the right level of cover.

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