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Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers

Plumbers are among the nation’s unsung heroes in a tight spot, but the nature of the work means it can be a risky business. A little water in the wrong place in the course of a repair can go a long way towards creating a costly compensation claim.

It’s not only property that can be damaged when faced with a faulty fixture. If a customer or member of the public is injured by slipping on a spillage for instance, or if residents have to relocate as a result of some poor plumbing, without sufficient plumbers’ insurance you could be liable for all the costs.

How can plumbers’ insurance help?

When you’re going about your work the last thing you want to think about is your business going under because of an expensive claim for which you’re not covered. Public liability insurance for plumbing and heating engineers will help put your mind at rest so you can get on with the job at hand. The right insurance for plumbers will protect you against legal claims from third parties, but you’ll need to take out separate  Employers’ Liability Insurance  if you have apprentices or staff. For more information about how to avoid bearing the substantial costs of compensation, read our article  What is Public Liability Insurance?

How much does plumbers’ public liability insurance cost?

It’s difficult to put a price on peace of mind, but professional plumbers and heating engineer insurance is a must if you want to protect against the unexpected. How much plumbers’ public liability insurance costs depends upon the nature of the work you do and any extras that you need. Many customers, businesses and public sector organisations will only hire plumbers that have the minimum level of public liability insurance cover, so ensuring your business has sufficient cover to guard against compensation claims is crucial to securing new business too.

What other kinds of insurance should plumbers and heating engineers consider?

Alongside public liability insurance, if you run your own plumbing business and have staff you are subject to the Employers’ Liability Act. The Act makes it compulsory by law to protect the health and safety of employees and apprentices at work, therefore  Employers’ Liability Insurance  is a basic legal requirement.

Don’t forget that if you depend on a vehicle for your work, or if you have a lot of kit, you will need to guard against breakdown, theft, loss or damage with the right level of  van insurance . Tool cover is an optional extra but can guard against any harmful impact on your livelihood should the worst happen.

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