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Don't get zapped by a costly compensation claim. Insulate your business with electricians' public liability insurance.


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Electricians have to deal with a host of hazards on a daily basis. In an industry in which seemingly minor slip-ups can have the most serious consequences, electrical contractors and other electricians are used to dealing diligently with health and safety issues. We believe that electricians should approach their exposure to legal claims with the same degree of care and attention.

Why do electrical contractors need insurance?

You need electricians' public liability insurance if customers or members of the public visit you, or - as is more likely - you visit their properties in the course of your business. Some of the most common causes of compensation claims against electrical contractors result from:

  • electric shocks
  • fires alleged to have been caused by faulty wiring or insulation
  • other damage to property (such as drilling through a water pipe) 

Electricians' public liability insurance will cover you against such claims.

How much does electricians' insurance cost?

The exact cost will depend on your circumstances. However, it is important to remember that no matter how conscientious and confident you are in your work, you can still benefit directly from electricians' public liability insurance. Your local council, for example, may specify a minimum level of cover for their electrical contractors, as will many other reputable organisations. You can also include your cover in your marketing material to add to your professional image and give your clients peace of mind. For the relatively low cost of electricians' insurance, obtaining cover could therefore have business benefits apart from providing protection against compensation claims.

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We work closely with a wide range of businesses. This helps us understand how you work and the challenges you face. So you can be sure we'll take the time to get to know your business, and try to provide the right level of cover.

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