Cleaning Insurance

Getting the right cover for your cleaning business does more than keep your business looking shiny, it can cover you in the event of a costly claim too


Insurance for cleaners

As a cleaner the nature of your work involves being careful and paying close attention to detail. Nevertheless, accidents happen. Whether you're working in a commercial or domestic property, the outcome of a cleaning mishap can be costly. That's why securing the right cleaning insurance is the first detail you'll need to pay attention to when setting up your business.

Flexible public liability insurance for cleaners

Self-employed cleaner insurance helps cover you against claims from third parties made in the course of your business. It covers you for things that you are responsible for, leading to accident or injury or other damages.

Our cleaners' public liability insurance gives you the peace of mind you need to be able to do your work without the risk of your livelihood being undermined. Also, as your business grows, we can adapt our cover to suit your changing needs.

Domestic cleaning insurance

Furniture and furnishings inside the home are often delicate and vulnerable to strong chemicals – so get covered if you're cleaning domestic properties. Having the right domestic cleaning insurance not only covers you against claims but can also give your business a polished image.

Cover for commercial cleaners

As your business grows from maybe a one-person band, to bringing a couple of staff on board, to perhaps recruiting a fleet of commercial cleaners, your cleaning company insurance will also need to adapt. If you have employees, you'll need to take out Employers Liability cover.

Other useful cover for your cleaning company

If your cleaning business involves more than a bucket, mop and a duster, the chances are you'll need a vehicle to transport the tools of your trade. Any vehicle used for commercial purposes will require the right cover. If you own expensive industrial cleaning equipment, then it's sensible to have the right insurance in the event of theft or damage.

To ensure your business cleans up and your company record remains gleaming, get the cover your cleaning business needs. Find out more about public liability insurance here.

Why insure with us?

We work closely with a wide range of businesses. This helps us understand how you work and the challenges you face. So you can be sure we'll take the time to get to know your business, and try to provide the right level of cover.

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