Carpenters and Joiners Insurance

We provide carpenters and joiners with comprehensive cover, from public and employers' liability insurance to cover for tools and injuries to key partners.


Carpenters' and joiners' insurance

Our carpenters' and joiners' insurance has been specifically designed with these specialist trades in mind. We know the risks involved in the work you do, and we've put together an insurance package to cover you when the chips are down.


Why do I need carpenters' insurance?

The need for carpenters' insurance should be obvious, and this is particularly so if you work in customers' homes or business premises. Your trade puts you in practically constant contact with dangerous machinery, sharp tools, heavy items and other hazards like wood dust, not to mention the general risks involved in any busy work site. The potential for accidents, ranging from minor scrapes to damage to expensive property, all the way to serious injuries, is ever present. So the need for insurance can scarcely be overstated.

What insurance can carpenters and joiners get?

Carpenters and joiners can take our various forms of business insurance. These vary from those which are legally required in some cases, to types of cover which are highly recommended in all cases, to those which may be optionally taken out by carpenters and joiners with specific needs.

Public liability insurance for carpenters and joiners

Public liability insurance  covers you against legal claims from third parties that, in the course of your business activities, you have caused them injury or damage. It's important to recognise that public liability does not provide any cover against claims from people who are part of your business. For that you will need the following form of insurance.

Employers' liability cover for carpenters and joiners

If your carpentry and/or joinery business employs anyone, you are required by law to obtain employers' liability insurance. This will cover you if one of your employees sues you on certain grounds.

Insuring carpentry tools and equipment

Tradesmen like carpenters and joiners tend to build up their tools gradually, and many have little idea of the true value of their equipment. Add tool cover up to £10,000 (per employee) to your insurance policy to save you having to replace your inventory at your own expense.

Injuries to named working partners

If, like most small-to-medium organisations, the success of your carpentry and/or joinery business depends on a small number of key individuals, it follows that you could be just a one-off accident away from a major interruption of your ability to turn a profit. Taking out personal accident for named working people will provide you with cover for the long term.

Get the insurance you need to cover your business into the future.  Apply for an insurance quote .


Why insure with us?

We work closely with a wide range of businesses. This helps us understand how you work and the challenges you face. So you can be sure we'll take the time to get to know your business, and try to provide the right level of cover.

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