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Get cover for fixtures and furnishings with our Landlord Contents insurance


Contents Insurance

The furniture, furnishings and white goods in your rental property can quickly add up in value. It’s time to get them covered with NatWest Landlord insurance.

For the furniture and other items you provide your tenants

Landlord contents insurance offers important cover against damage to or loss of the furniture, furnishings and appliances you provide to tenants.

Do I need contents insurance as a landlord?

While landlord contents insurance is not a legal requirement, there is a very strong case for having it if you rent out a property. It is particularly important for furnished or semi-furnished properties – the value of the furniture and other contents you provide to tenants can account for a significant proportion of your investment. You don’t want to simply write this off in the event of a fire, flood or theft, for example.

Does landlord insurance cover contents?

The cover provided to landlords varies in terms of what’s offered as standard and what’s provided as an optional extra. This applies not just to whether the landlord insurance policy covers contents, but also the types of events (e.g. accidental damage or theft by tenants) that are covered.

It’s therefore important to know what your policy covers before signing up. Take a look at our  landlord insurance  or give us a call to discuss your insurance requirements. Or you can apply for a  landlord insurance quote online .

A quick guide to Landlord Insurance

Landlord contents only insurance

You can apply for landlord ‘contents only’ insurance if you would like a standalone product. Alternatively, you can include it within a single overarching policy, which has particular benefits if you start to grow your portfolio in the future. Have a look at the landlord buildings insurance we provide, either as standalone cover or as part of a comprehensive policy for landlords. 

What does landlord contents insurance cover?

Our landlord contents insurance covers furniture and fittings that do not form part of the permanent structure of the building; furniture and furnishings; utensils and domestic appliances – as long as these are either owned by or the responsibility of the landlord.

Importantly, landlord contents insurance policies do not cover tenants’ possessions, so we advise making them aware of this in the tenancy agreement. For a list of other important exclusions, read our  policy wording  document.

Guard your investment by getting adequate cover, which should include contents insurance particularly for furnished or semi-furnished rental properties.


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